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Get SMART with YOUR Retirement


  • Educate our clients on concepts and programs that dramatically decrease taxable income without any risk of loss.
  • Find ways to reduce post-retirement taxation and the amount of money our clients give to the IRS.
  • Seek secure growth of wealth with safe and proven actuarial concepts, utilizing "tax arbitrage", and teach our clients how to integrate it in their finances.
  • Expose Wall Street's half-truth's and how they use misleading math to sell risk adverse products as well as the banker's best math trick and how to stop it from costing you a guaranteed and comfortable retirement.


Comprehensive Planning

In this market, we cannot afford to make mistakes and put all of our money at risk of loss or have it wasted by taxes. We assist retirees, business owners, self-employed individuals, and families with worry-free retirement products that give them true peace of mind knowing that they are safeguarded, protected, and their money is there when they need it.  

Experience & Expertise

Our team possess a multitude of skill sets not usually found in a financial advisory firm.  Members of our team have considerable experience in tax, estate, legal, and regulatory compliance matters dealing with both tax-exempt and taxable offerings in addition to a set of highly developed, big picture concepts and techniques that add value to your portfolio.  

We Understand Physicians

We understand that physician's face financial challenges unique to their profession and we have expertise in managing those needs.  Our concepts have been developed through in-depth research of the tax code, countless individual case designs, and  working directly with physicians which enables us to focus more on the distinct nuances of physicians’ and their situations.

Service & Independence

As an independent firm, we serve a limited number of clients to ensure that we deliver a superior client experience. We hold educational workshops and teach principles that are pertinent to our clients and look at each persons needs independently.  Our clients work with the same advisor from day one through the duration of what we hope to be a multi-decade partnership.

What is AssetLock®

AssetLock® is a communication tool used to help users 

stay informed on their retirement accounts.

With AssetLock®, you are in complete control over your accounts, and can even customize alerts to best meet your needs! An AssetLock® Percentage can range from 5%-30% and is always based on the High Water Value for the account. The AssetLock® Value is the downside value which would trigger the AssetLock® Percentage.

With just one click, you’ll find that your personalized dashboard has the necessary information that all investors deserve to know. The most important is seeing your AssetLock Value. This access will give you added peace of mind, letting you know you have a plan in place to help protect your financial future.

“The lack of money is the root of all evil.”

Mark Twain

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