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Physicians face unique challenges when it comes to their finances.  Whether it be managing debt, investments, taxes and insurance, or saving for their retirement.   The importance of getting pertinent and comprehensive advice to fit their specific needs and situations can be a challenge.  We help busy doctors simplify those complex financial matters, securely build wealth, and protect their retirement and financial future.

Late Career or Retired Doctors

Over the years you have worked hard, saved, and invested. Now what? You have either reached retirement or see it looming on the horizon, and now face a new wave of financial decisions as you prepare for the next phase of life. Your nest egg seems to be in good shape, but you wonder if you will be able to retire and maintain the lifestyle you envision. You may be unsure how to best position your retirement savings to maximize the amount that goes in your pocket and minimize the amount that goes to the IRS in taxes. You may have heard about the different strategies for claiming Social Security but want to know which one is right for you, and while healthcare costs continue to skyrocket you may worry about how to fund this expense as people live longer and retirement timelines expand. It becomes time to contemplate the best method to leave a lasting and meaningful family legacy.  We can help you answer these questions and put your mind at ease.

Mid-Career Doctors

You are established in your career and may have paid off your student loan debt or are close to doing so.  Life is quite busy with your growing family and the financial/time commitments required of you. Your account balances have grown over the years, but you’re unsure if you’re making all the “right” financial choices or if you should be doing anything different at this stage of life. You hear plenty of financial advice, but what is right for you and your growing family? The demands and challenges of your career may have you wondering how far you are from financial independence, or whether there is potential to reduce hours while your children require more of your time. And with the expense of college looming on the horizon, you’re trying to understand how much you can afford and come up with a strategy to fund it.  We can help navigate each of these challenges, reduce the complexity of these decisions, and simplify your financial life.

Early Career Doctors

You’ve worked really hard to get to where you are and may be feeling overwhelmed by the questions and challenges of your current financial situation, and may have heard some advice about what you should be doing and don’t know exactly where to start. As a young doctor, your student loans carry many questions/options. The income from joining the workforce presents questions about how to allocate and budget your cash flow. You may now have young children or are thinking about starting a family, could be considering buying your first home, and how to fund college as tuition costs increase. Financial Advisors seem more interested in selling you products and managing your assets than addressing the other more important areas of your financial life. We can help you sort through these challenges, build a foundation for financial success, and remain on a path toward what is most important to you.


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